Bookmaker Poker Room Download

The make bets in the Sportsbook or Racebook, or play at the casino at, you simply have to visit Bookmaker and sign up for an account. However, if you want to play Poker you are going to need to download the Bookmaker poker room.

To download the Bookmaker Poker room, click on the download button below.

Download Bookmaker Poker

Alternatively, if you can't see the button, click here to download the software.

Bookmaker Download details.

The download process for the is pretty straightforward. Here are a few quick details if you are interested.

  • 138kb filesize.
  • ~2 second download time.
  • "SetupBookMaker.exe" filename.

Is Bookmaker Poker Mac compatible?

I'm sorry to say that the Poker software is not compatible with Mac computers. However, this does not mean that you can't place bets at the Casino, Racebook or Sportsbook, as these work perfectly fine with both Macs and Windows PCs.

If your main goal is to play Poker online as opposed to placing bets in the Casino or Sportsbook, you are better off playing at Full Tilt Poker anyway. Full Tilt is perfectly Mac compatible, and is currently the top room for online poker.

Can you play Poker on your mobile?

Not quite yet I'm afraid. The mobile betting service is only available for Sportsbook bettors.

Chances are though that this will be developed some time in the future, so wait and see.

Download information.

Bookmaker is incredibly easy to download and install, and so it shouldn't be more than a matter of minutes before you can start playing for poker at Bookmaker.

The software is lightweight and runs smoothly, which makes it a pleasure to play at the room. If you ever have any problems, shoot an email to support and they will be more than happy to help you out.

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