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This site wouldn't be complete without an honest review of the website, so here it is. The site has a lot of sections to it, so I am going to break this review into sections to make it easier to digest.

So let's get on with this Bookmaker review then shall we? overview. has been around for absolutely ages. The company originally started off as a Sportsbook and Racebook, but later went on to expand into other areas of online gambling, such as Casino and Poker. is one of (if not the) top destinations for online betting and wagering. The chances are that if you are interested in placing a bet online, you have heard of the site somewhere along the line.

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Bookmaker sportsbook review.

  • 9.6/10
  • Superb sportsbook and easily the best for online gamblers.

The main focus of the website is the Sportsbook, so you can be sure that the company has developed it into the best possible Sportsbook it can be. The Sportsbook is renowned for offering some of the best odds around, which easily makes it a top destination for both new and experienced bettors.

The sportsbook is easy to use and exceptionally user-friendly, and so from a personal point of view it is the only online Sportsbook that I use.

Bookmaker racebook review.

  • 9.6/10
  • On par with the sportsbook as you would expect.

As you can imagine, the Racebook at Bookmaker .com is just as well designed and offers competitive odds like the Sportsbook. In a nutshell, if you're looking to place a bet in the Racebook or Sportsbook, you can be sure that excels in both areas.

To get the best idea of how the Sportsbook and Racebook works, just sign up to and check out these areas for yourself.

Check out for yourself. casino review.

  • 8.4/10.
  • The casino is a well-made extension of the Sportsbook and Racebook.

Considering that the main focus of the site is the Sportsbook, you would think that the Casino is an added bonus. However, the Bookmaker Casino is a great Casino in its own right, and so I would be more than happy to recommend players to for the Casino games alone.

There is a large variety of games on offer, and each of these have been well designed and run smoothly at all times. The Casino games are also perfectly fair, which means that you stand a good chance of winning money if you have luck on your side. The blackjack tables are my personal favorite at the Casino, although the Roulette, Craps and Slots are also very impressive.

Bookmaker poker review.

  • 4.2/10.
  • Not as good as I hoped, more of a bonus than anything.

The Bookmaker Poker room is fine, but unfortunately it does not have the bells and whistles that many of the major poker rooms have. The Bookmaker Poker room is great If you fancy having a dabble at online poker when you get tired of the Sportsbook and Casino, but if you are looking for a lot of Poker action then you are better off playing at a more advanced Poker room like the one at Bodog.

The software isn't amazing, and unfortunately there are not a great deal of players at the tables. So again, if you're mainly after Poker action, then I would recommend Bodog instead.

The Bookmaker poker room is best thought as an added bonus to the main Sportsbook, Racebook and Casino in my opinion. review overview.

So that's the review over and done with. As you can see, there is more than just the Sportsbook on offer at Bookmaker, which means that it is pretty much an all-in-one top resource for online gambling and wagering.

The Poker room could be better, but in general, I would happily say that is a top site for its Sportsbook, Racebook and Casino.

Check out for yourself.

In addition to these different areas, the Bookmaker company runs a very attractive VIP loyalty program, as well as a very impressive bonus offer to all new players singing up at the room. Just have a visit of the site for yourself for more information, or just check out what the site has to offer. Signing up to takes less than 2 minutes - just don't forget to enter the bonus code at the bottom of the Bookmaker sign up form before you submit.

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