Loyalty Program

Bookmaker.eu VIP Loyalty Program

The Bookmaker.eu sportsbook rewards loyal players with some very sweet loyalty bonuses (these are in addition to the first Bookmaker deposit bonus) for those that regularly make bets with Bookmaker.

If you make any bet at Bookmaker.eu, you will start to earn points known as "BETPoints", where more points = more bonuses. Here is a quick round-up of the Bookmaker loyalty program and how you can get your hands on those all important BETPoints.

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How to earn BETPoints.

BETPoints are earned by making bets in the Bookmaker.eu sportsbook. In general, the bigger the bet, the more points you earn. Here is a quick explanation of how these loyalty points are earned.

  • You earn BETPoints every time you place a bet.
  • You earn 1 BETPoint for every $1 wagered.
  • If the win is smaller than the size of the bet, you will earn BETPoints equivalent to the size of the win.

To put it simply, you are going to have an amount that you bet with and a potential win amount. Whichever figure is the smallest in Dollars, you will earn the equivalent in "bet points". So for example...

  • If you bet $150 to win $200, you earn 150 BETPoints.
  • If you bet $400 to win $200, you earn 200 BETPoints.

The smallest figure is the one that earns you the BETPoints.

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What do BETPoints get you?

The more BETPoints you earn, the bigger the reward will be. Below is a quick little table highlighting the rewards that are available from the Bookmaker.eu sportsbook.

BETPoints Reward
2500 Potential Free payout.
4000 $50 freeplay & Mouse Pad
8000 $100 freeplay & Sports Pager
9000 $125 freeplay & T-Shirt
10000 $150 freeplay & Hat
12000 $175 freeplay & Golf Shirt
15000 $200 freeplay
30000 $400 freeplay
40000 $500 freeplay
50000 $600 freeplay
60000 $700 freeplay
70000 $800 freeplay
80000 $900 freeplay
90000 $1000 freeplay

Earn your BETPoints safely.

As with any loyalty program, you should treat the Bookmaker.eu loyalty program as a pleasant bonus, and not as something that you should feel compelled to build upon. It's great to receive the bonus from time to time, but only if it comes about from natural play in the sportsbook.

Only make a bet if you are comfortable with the bet, and not because you feel compelled to do so to get those BETPoints up. There is no use in throwing a few hundred $ around just for the sake of an extra $100 in freeplay money, so make bets with your head.

Loyalty program overview.

The loyalty program is a superb addition to the Bookmaker.eu promotions. The loyalty program makes Bookmaker.eu a great place to play for any regular online bettor, as the rewards are some of the sweetest in the online sportsbook industry.

Start earning your own BETPoints at Bookmaker.eu

Just make sure you enjoy yourself at the sportsbook, and try not to get too carried away with racking up those BETPoints!

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